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Billions Of Broadcast, Print And Online Media Impressions Created Each Year Through Engaging And Educating

There was a time when the PepsiCo Showdown was just a pipe dream, a fantasy no one ever expected to become reality. Just as in life, however, there were numerous hurdles to overcome, people to please and goals to reach.

Now in its 15th year, it’s safe to say the PepsiCo Showdown is greater than anyone could have ever anticipated. Each PepsiCo Showdown event creates a unique environment like no other event in the United States. It provides thousands of student athletes a chance to shine for their community in front of college recruiters and media.

Billions of print media impressions are created during each event. From CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN, FOX, Comcast SportsNet and other major media outlets broadcast, PepsiCo Showdown events are major topics on broadcast, online, print, in blogs and on social media sites.

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