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On April 8, 2016, the girls soccer program at Waukegan attended Feed My Starving Children in Libertyville, IL.  Rather than it be a service project for just the varsity team, the entire girls soccer program went on the trip.  The bus left Waukegan High School at 11:15am for the team to begin service work at 12:00.  Once at the facility, the girls put on hairnets and sat down to listen to a presentation about the impact that Feed My Starving Children has on developing Third World nations.  After gaining an understanding regarding the purpose of their visit, the team was actively engaged in listening to the instructions.  First, anyone that needed to sit was asked to work the bag-labeling station.  Next, people that could lift 35lbs were asked to work in the warehouse to move boxes of food.  Then, the remaining people were divided into teams.  Each team had people that scooped the ingredients, bagged ingredients, and weighed ingredients.  Each team also had an adult working the electronic heat sealer to seal each bag of food.  The teams worked for an hour and a half preparing and bagging food.  At the end of the experience, there was a final presentation that concluded the impact their service work would have on those in need and people were offered the option to taste samples of the prepared food.  

At the end, the girls participated in 183 boxes, which resulted in 39,528 meals that would feed 108 kids for a year.  All of the girls had a great time and felt the impact of their work.  Those within Waukegan understand the importance of charity work and a good, healthy meal because of the abundance of families in need within their own community.  

At the end of the girls' spring soccer season, the team will be hosting a St. Jude charity staff vs. students soccer match at Waukegan High School.  All proceeds from the game will go to St. Jude's Varsity Game Day event charity.

Community service is something that the girls soccer program at Waukegan High School values and will continue to complete for different causes.