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Lynn and Scott Magnesen Community Service Award

For more than seven years, Lynn and Scott Magnesen played a key role in the success of the PepsiCo Showdown. Even though they have "retired" from the PepsiCo Showdown, they will still have an impact on each and every PepsiCo Showdown event through the Lynn and Scott Magnesen Community Service Award.

On and off the soccer field, these two have given back to the community time and time again. Now you have a chance to follow in their footsteps and help your community through this special honor. 

Here's how it works:

The Lynn and Scott Magnesen Community Service Award seeks to recognize and award those who significantly impact their community and are themselves impacted by that contribution. This award is designed to inspire volunteerism on a continual basis, encouraging the utilization of various service organizations.

Teams must be in the PepsiCo Showdown. Community service must be performed within 45 days of the PepsiCo Showdown event and in one of the local high school communities.

A high-level breakdown of the service must be submitted to angie@pepsicoshowdown by 5 p.m. on the Wednesday before the PepsiCo Showdown title game. It should include who (list of players names), what, where, when, how and contact person. A 1-to-2 minute video should be submitted, along with a 250-word firsthand blog with pictures from one of the players taking part in the service. A minimum of 10 players from a team must take part in the service. The blogs and photos/video will be posted at
Send videos to

Award of $1,000 will be presented at halftime of the PepsiCo Showdown title game.