PepsiCo Showdown

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 Hi everyone,

Enjoy the Super Bowl and all the commercials tonight. I have seen the two Pepsi commercials, and they’re actually pretty funny – one for Bubly Sparkling Water and one for Pepsi.

Please read below, a couple updates and notes:

PepsiCo Showdown Girls Media Day

We’ll be sending everyone a link with all the photos, videos and recruiting stuff from media day in the coming days. Thank you again for coming. If you use the stuff on social media, use #PepsiCoShowdown so we can share. We have been posting stuff on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook already.

Don’t Just Aspire To Make A Living. Aspire To Make A Difference

We all have different talents. The most selfish thing you can do in this world is help someone else. The goodness that comes from helping others – there’s nothing better than that. That’s where the joy and success is.

I want to again thank you in advance for your help with the #Frozen100 Showdown, which is next Sunday (2/10). As you know, it kicks off National Random Acts of Kindness Week.

This is very personal to me.

I truly believe in this: If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.

The #Frozen100, in a mere 10 minutes in 100 different communities with 100 different schools, we all have a chance to help kids who need our support. Together, we are going to enhance the lives of children in Englewood through the I Grow Chicago charity. I have no connection to it, it’s a recommendation Chance The Rapper pushed to me.

I know we’re all busy and have our own lives, but I’m asking for you to do me a favor. Be extra selfless next Sunday and rally along with everyone in the 2019 PepsiCo Showdown.

Since I created the PepsiCo Showdown in college, I have tried to go above and beyond to help any and every player in this event. Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen when we all give a little, we can make a huge impact together.

I’m hoping every location will have at least 100 runners – boys and girls soccer players, other student athletes (football, tennis, basketball players, etc.) classmates, family, neighbors and whomever else.

Have fun with it. Text and promote it via social media, use #Frozen100 and we’ll share. Dress up, make it a race, have a get together afterwards – whatever you like. This shouldn’t be work – it should be fun and you’re helping be apart of something so much bigger than all of us.

Please come through for me.

Please come through for the kids, because this is a great #KidsHELPINGKids story. YOU are the person, who along with 9,999 other people (100 schools x 100 people), will help a child.

I can’t thank you enough. And in the end, you’re going to be pretty happy, too, when you see those kids surprised because of YOU.

If you need anything: or text 312-623-4161. Final information will be sent to team leaders on Monday night. #Frozen100 information can be found at