PepsiCo Showdown

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Adrianna Vera, Ashley James, and Taylor LaFevre

Crete-Monee varsity girl's soccer is a team like no other. Not only do we work as a team on the field, we also work together to contribute to our community! We lady Warriors contributed at a recylcing center and also are still volunteering to help out younger students at a local elementary school.

First for our community project, we decided to volunteer our time at the Crete Recycling Center. Not only did our team bond by working together to sort items, but we were able to help the environment and our community. We have come to the realization of how important it is to recycle and have become more aware of the various items that are good and bad for the environment.

On Tuesdays, CMHS students get out an hour early. We decided to use that time to volunteer at the local elementary schools in our district for our second community project. We showed young students how to "raise the bar," inside and outside of the classroom. From helping with math, reading, and 5th grade exhibition projects; we did it all! It was a great reminder that the younger generation really does look up to us and that we can have such a positive impact on their lives. We have realized how important these young students are because they are the future of our community and the CM201u district. Overall, it was a great experience and the kids had so much fun learning from us. We all learned something from the PepsicoShowdown experience on and off the field and are very pleased to be apart of something so great!

Players involved: Adrianna Vera, Ashley James, Taylor LaFevre, Chloe Lawton, Niana Blanchard-Hall, Nicole Eatmon, Daphne Hankison, Merle Brings, Selena Esquivel, Kelly Rodroguez, Mariana Romo, Precious Hankison, Sydney Kent, Jalyssa Paredes, Kayla Fox, Holly Chesney, Lauren Smith, Grace Miller